Gleneden Goldendoodles


Fall in Love with a new Fur-Family member....



Doodle Fur Family

Exciting News for Gleneden. Judy's success and many years of experience breeding Goldendoodles is staying in the family. Becky and Bill Hahn (son of Judy Hahn) are the new owners and caretakers of the Gleneden Goldendoodles. The puppies will be bred and raised with the same standards that make Gleneden Doodles one of a kind. The Burkshire is not far from Gleneden and our Goldendoodle puppies have a brand new kennel with a new spot to romp and play!

We are devoted to raising beautiful, healthy and affectionate Goldendoodles puppies and making them available to responsible dog lovers. Gleneden goldendoodle puppies are socialized before going to their forever home. We place puppies one at a time, taking into consideration the suitability of the prospective home.  



Goldendoodles are family-friendly. They are social, active and intelligent dogs. Doodles are loyal companions that will keep you moving. Clients most often describe our Doodles as wonderful companions, smart, loving, healthy, adorable and joyful.


Goldendoodles typically weigh between 20 to 70 pounds at maturity. There are a host of factors, including diet and exercise, that can influence growth and development, so we cannot forecast nor guarantee adult sizes.

  • Minis are 20-35 pounds.

  • Mediums are 35-45 pounds.

  • Standards are 50 and up.


Weaned from mother by eight weeks of age, Gleneden puppies are generally available for adoption at that time. The temperament of the males and females is basically the same. Neither sex is harder to house train than the other, and both are equally intelligent and affectionate.


Puppies are cream to shades of blonde, apricot, red and sometimes black. Our doodles are generally compatible with allergy sufferers. If you are concerned, we can provide you the opportunity to come and do an allergy test here at The Burkshire before you take your puppy home.