Frequently Asked Questions


Visits to The Burkshire are welcome by appointment, once we have reviewed your application. For an application, please email....

Pick Up Options

  • Pick up at The Burkshire by appointment

  • Auto Delivery to certain east coast locations with in 6 hours of The Burkshire.

  • Puppies shipped by air must be accompanied by their owner. We will meet at IAD (Wash/Dulles) or BWI free of charge with your puppy.

After Going Home

Puppies should stay close to home for the first few weeks. Check with your veterinarian regarding the best age for your puppy’s interactions with other dogs and dog friendly places. Vets have different opinions on timing and shots needed to keep your puppy safe.



We agree with most veterinarians in the United States that do not favor early “desexing” but rather suggest that the animal be spayed or neutered shortly before reaching puberty, normally at about 6 months of age. Our puppies are sold intact.