About Gleneden Goldendoodles

We are thrilled that The Burkshire is the new home to the Gleneden Goldendoodles. 

home of the golden doodles

The Goldendoodle breeding program at Gleneden began in the early 1990's - the first dedicated breeder in the United States. All original acquired breeding stock were registered with the American Kennel Club, many with multiple Champions in their pedigree. They exemplify the breed standards in health, temperament and conformation. Body structure and attractiveness are other important considerations.

TRUE DOODLES. Out-crossing is the key to health and an important element in our breeding program. We do not line breed. We cross breed unrelated dogs - both F1B Backcrosses (F1 Goldendoodle X unrelated Poodle) and Multi-generation (Goldendoodle X unrelated Goldendoodle). 

The major focus at The Burkshire is the "health" of our puppies. We follow a vigorous state of the art vaccination and deworming program. Their home here at The Burkshire is state-of-the-art in terms of features for care, safety and comfort. Professionally cleaned and sterilized daily, high-tech insulated- ventilated, zone heated and air-conditioned.